Looking at Literary Ladies

Looking at Literary Ladies

As a Literary Lady, I like alliteration . . . and ellipses. Thank you. Today we will be looking at lady writers with style. Because writing is such a solitary sport involving wearing pajamas well into the day, obliviousness to breakfast crumbs crumbling down your hoodie, coffee breath / sweat, wild Einstein-y hair, despair, self-doubt and dips into a general Why-Are-We-Here / What-Am-I-Doing existential crisis – because of all this, it is important for writers of all genders to dress it up a little when they leave the house. Being a writer isn’t a free pass into slovenly alcoholism, in spite of what so many slovenly, alcoholic writers will tell you. Good writing is about style so let’s peek at some women who’ve let that style leak out of their brains and onto their bods.

Zadie Smith, above, likes to pop a turban on her head, and I like it…

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