Police stop man riding space hopper through underpass on New Year’s Day


(Picture: Metro) The man (not pictured) was seen bouncing along a dual carriageway (Picture: Metro)

A man was stopped by police for riding a space hopper on a Dundee dual carriageway on New Year’s Day.

He was spotted trying to bounce his way through the Marketgait underpass at around 3am.

Witness Jamie Shankland told the Evening Telegraph: ‘Only in Dundee could you see someone on a space hopper getting stopped by the police, going through the tunnel in town.

‘He was running out from inside the tunnel when police stopped him.

‘I had to pass slowly, and as I did I saw another policeman walking up the tunnel to pick up a red space hopper.’

Remember these? What fun! (Picture: Getty) Remember these? What fun! (Picture: Getty)

He added: ‘The look on the guy’s face was priceless – you could tell he was thinking “what have I done?”.’

Officers spoke to the man but no formal action was taken.


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