Masterson, wife take up cause of feeding, educating Kenyan children with ‘Feed Their Future’

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Masterson, wife take up cause of feeding, educating Kenyan children with ‘Feed Their Future’


Indians starter Justin Masterson is taking advantage of his platform as a Major League Baseball player and serving those in need on an international scale.

Masterson and his wife, Meryl, have joined forces with Bright Hope and Moody Radio Cleveland (103.3FM) to raise money for those living on less than $1 in Nairobi, Kenya. The Mastersons’ campaign, “Feed Their Future,” will touch the lives of 1,400 students living in the Mathare Valley slum, the second-largest in Nairobi.

Masterson said a college friend, who works with Bright Hope, inspired him to get involved in Africa.

“They have a project there where they have a school, and they bring in kids from the slum and give them an education, some feeding,” he said. “We want to come together and draw a campaign; partnering with everyone who wants to donate, we can help ‘feed their future’ — the children in the Methare Valley slum.”

Fans who are interested in supporting the Mastersons’ campaign are encouraged to check out Moody Radio’s website or Bright Hope’s home page for more information.

“We’re going to go out [to Nairobi] and check it out,” Masterson said. “We are encouraging other fans and people to partner with us and go to [their] website and [help] us to feed their future.”

The campaign provides each child with two meals a day, six days a week, and it offers children the opportunity to attend school through donations toward teachers’ salaries, books and school uniforms.

Masterson said he is thankful for the stage he has as a Major Leaguer and is excited to reach out to this African community.

“Whether we like it or not, especially in the baseball world, we’ve been blessed with an opportunity where people look up to you; they want to know what you’re doing,” he said. “You can lead in a negative way, or you can lead in a positive way. I think myself and a lot of guys included try to take advantage of it to show positive ways to impact lives — through us giving money personally or just highlighting causes that we know are doing good things.”

–TribeVibe contributor Megan Golden


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